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#12thman #Seattle #Seahawks thanks for taking the picture @suzma83


#12thman #Seattle #Seahawks thanks for taking the picture @suzma83



Some pictures from our filming day. 

So hi.

I know I don’t have many followers, but just lemme borrow your attention for a minute.

I live in Texas. Hot, dry, humid texas. My parents do too.

Recently, they allowed this young lady (the redheaded medic cosplayer) to live in their house. On that blog, the “mun” to the roleplay “muse” claims to live in Germany, and be of German decent.

I can tell you that this is not true. For proof, here is a picture of me playing croquet in the same yard as featured above, but taken outside the chainlink fence.

Notice the same four trees, the same fence, and the same low white brick wall.

This is also a (admittedly very old) picture of our porch

See how the wooden beams are the same? My father has a workshop that would be just beyond the chainlink fence in the background now that you can see in her pictures— but you get the idea. These pictures were taken in Texas, not germany.

She moved out today. There were already a few posts on this tumblr that she had deleted— pictures she took in my parents house, with my parents things. This is the largest batch she has not yet deleted. I wanted to reblog it to before she could, to be sure we could find it again, online, if we needed to.

While she lived here, she lied to us several times. On this blog, she claims to have had cancer, and lost her hair. This is not true. Over the course of my 4-5 year friendship with her, she lied to me numerous times, costing me and my family time and money.

I am not angry with her. Just sad that she feels like she has to lie to people who were trying to help her. Frustrated that now that she’s gone, we can’t find a few items, some of them treasures that would be irreplaceable to us (which had been featured in the pictures she already deleted). I mostly reblogged this post, as I said, to be sure that there was an un-deletable copy somewhere that I could gain access to if need be. Not for slander, but for honesty. These pictures are of my family home. In Texas. Not Germany. No drama, just being honest.

Alaine-mun, Zombie, whatever name you want to be called… :( Sorry. I had to.

Life can be beautiful. :)